Streaming Platforms Of Excellence For Listening To Music On

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Streaming Platforms Of Excellence For Listening To Music On

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Many years ago my father showed me a huge antique phonograph , a relic more than a century old, which had been bought by my great-grandfather. At the time, when I was still a child, I was absolutely amazed to find that this was how music was heard in the old days. The pile of huge old discs, full of dust, had nothing to do with the cd's that he kept on the side of the stereo at home. Today, reality is again so different that my old cds are starting to look as obsolete as the ones my father showed me. We are in the digital era and digital is revolutionizing all content and information.

Music is no exception to the rule. Programs like spotify , tidal and apple music make it easy and free to access an endless number of songs produced by rock artists, classical composers and even electro masters. Sound systems give way to computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The tendency Phone Number List is for everything to go downhill and downhill, and for music to adapt and readapt to new realities. That's why in this article I'm talking about services that put music on the internet. Programs that exist in free or paid versions but that always have the same objective: to provide you with the best music, wherever you are.


7 programs to listen to music on the internet microsoft groove in the era of streaming music, microsoft decided it was time to make a strategic shift to match the competition that has so far been led by spotify. Even though it already had a music streaming platform – xbox music – the technological multinational decided to reinvent the system and give form to something totally new: microsoft groove , a music platform (available in software, on the web or in an application for mobile devices ) that allows you to listen to streaming music and organize the entire music library that is part of your device. With groove music , you have immediate access to microsoft 's online music catalogfor streaming or download for offline use (if you subscribe to the service).
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