PvP tournament of Supreme Heavy Fighters

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PvP tournament of Supreme Heavy Fighters

Příspěvekod Admin HAL2007 v úte 15. pro 2009 1:26:36

ADMINs of HAL 2007 Evo server declares a Supreme Heavy Fighter PvP tournament!

Supreme Heavy Fighters has a nickname: "The BRICKS". They are big, heavy and has huge fire power.
Prepare your own "brick" and register that character into PvP tournament and win a valuable avard and prize!


  • You can register only one your character, which meet the conditions of ship equipment.
  • Your registration into the tournament is finnished, when you type here the exact name of your character.
  • Death line for registration is on Saturday - 26th December, 2009
  • Tournament stars on 25th December, 2009
  • Tournament style: like a football league, but only one match with each other player.
  • Player becomes a winner at the moment of opponents death (that includes suicides).
  • Player gets 3 points for victory.
  • If players kill each other at the same time, both gets 1 point (Draw).
  • Players can get PvP whenever they want. Two players settle on time and locations of the PvP and after that post here the result (MadMax vs. Big_Boss[X] - MadMax won).
  • When happend any problem with connection (lags, disconecting) or any other problem, the player get 1 poin of penalty. When you get 3rd point of penalty, you are yout of the tournament!
  • Arena system is strongly recomended for your PvPs, because there are no NPCs.

Ship equip conditions:

  • As your tournament ship, you can use olny Supreme Heavy Fighter (Poseidon, Hellhound, Orca, CC Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw, Halberd, Red Hessian Halberd or Battleaxe).
  • Your ship can NOT be equiped by a rocket luncher (you can still use torpedo/CD)!
  • Pilot can change his weapons between each PvP.
  • Pilot can use nanobots and shield batreries during PvP combat.
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