Ship equipment - energy, shield, etc.

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Ship equipment - energy, shield, etc.

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Some players are confronted with evolutions mode for the first time and it may surprise you the opportunity to equip your ship according to taste...

Power Capacitator Unit
  • This thing determines how much you will have the energy in the ship (important for shooting, etc.)
  • There are many types, from the smallest 1000 Energy (Light), to Special 16,000 (largest non-special who can still buy the 10,000 energy)

  • for all ships to slot the shield (a fighters and merchants ships), are all gables same
  • but with different type (Cenataur, Civilian and Phalanx) and technologies (Gravition, Molecular and Positron)

Types (manufacturers)
  • Cenataur - these shields have less capacity but more rapid regeneration
  • Civilian -these shields are a good and normal regeneration capacity
  • Phalanx - these shields have a huge capacity, but the slow regeneration
Technologies (most weapons have some of the 8 technology)
  • Gravition - have increased resistance to laser photon and pulse weapons (laser and plasma are identical!)
  • Molecular - have increased resistance to plasma and partilce weapons
  • Positron - have increased resistance to the tachyon and neutron weapons
  • Eighth Ion technology (eg, for a number of weapons Volleur), reduces all the shield as well

Power Booster
  • This piece of equipment will add energy regeneration per second (eg: Power Booster 7 will be added (renewing) 250 energy / sec)
  • There are also SPECIAL, which added more than the rest, which can be purchased

Power Unit
  • indicates how much energy you save with every round
  • There are both available Main Power Unit, as well as SPECIAL Power Unit

Shield Generator
  • adds speed to the regeneration of shields (eg if you have Standard Shield Generator 1, the shields regenerate (renewing) of 35 per second, faster)
  • they are divided into 4 classes: Small, Medium, Standart and Large

Shield Capacitator Unit
  • increases the shields capacity
    eg Large Shield Capacitor Mk IV expands the capacity of your shields by3 000
  • each ship can have any Shield Capacitator (not the class)
  • Shield Capacitator may stick to the position should be Power Booster, Shield Generator, etc., is up to you if you want to have a huge shield and less energy to regenerate. It can be monted max 3times, but at the expense of other equipment

ARMOR upgrades
  • Armor upgrade increases the hull of your ship
  • Armor is every indication in the percentage of the increase of ship hulli

  • Armor Upgrade 1 - 10% - 100k (price)
  • Armor Upgrade 2 - 30% - 900k
  • Armor Upgrade 3 - 50% - 2M
  • Armor Upgrade 4 - 70% - 4M

  • Military Armor Mk I - 20% - 400k
  • Military Armor Mk II - 40% - 1,5M
  • Military Armor Mk III - 60% - 3M
  • Military Armor Mk IV - 80% - 5M

  • Special Armor A - 90%
  • Special Armor B - 95%
  • Special Armor C - 100%
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