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Re: Introduce yourself Greetings!!

PříspěvekNapsal: pon 09. lis 2020 16:23:22
od =TFO=Katarn

My name is =TFO=Katarn.
Old fart from Holland ,played Freelancer before since like i dunno 2004? on many servers ,such as Saarland,WTS,CCN,Discovery,CrossFire,Underverse,Void,Rebalance,Phoenix,Genesis,Nightstalkers Universe,Freeworlds,New Universe,Tekagi`s Treasure,Hamburg City and many many many more.
Looks like nowadays there aren`t much players anymore.
Re-discovered this mod and i really like it.It`s not always easy.
As a freelancer my main goals are exploring and little bit trading and doing missions.
I hope server will be back up soon.
Keep it up have fun and stay safe!

Re: Introduce yourself

PříspěvekNapsal: ned 15. lis 2020 21:15:51
od Rick
Welcome to our universe and enjoy the game of old pilot. ;)