..::Registration of new clan::..

[SNF] reputation

[Allies] [P] (Honshu)

[BLM] [M] (Omicron Blade)

[FITC] [M] (Omicron Blade)

[CS] [X] (Omicron Gamma)

[CzD] [X] (Omicron Alpha)

[Allies] reputation

[SNF] [P] (Guangxi Province)

[BLM] [M] (Omicron Blade)

[FITC] [M] (Omicron Blade)

[CS] [X] (Omicron Gamma)

[CzD] [X] (Omicron Alpha)

[BLM] reputation

[Allies] [P] (Honshu)

[SNF] [P] (Guangxi Province)

[CS] [X] (Omicron Gamma)

[CzD] [X] (Omicron Alpha)

[FITC] [M] (Omicron Blade)

Ostatní žoldáci [M]

[CS] reputation

[CzD] [X] (Omicron Alpha)

[BLM] [M] (Omicron Blade)

[FITC] [M] (Omicron Blade)

[SNF] [P] (Guangxi Province)

[Allies] [P] (Honshu)

[FITC] reputation

[Allies] [P] (Honshu)

[SNF] [P] (Guangxi Province)

[CS] [X] (Omicron Gamma)

[CzD] [X] (Omicron Alpha)

[BLM] [M] (Omicron Blade)

[CzD] reputation

[CS] [X] (Omicron Gamma)

[BLM] [M] (Omicron Blade)

[FITC] [M] (Omicron Blade)

[SNF] [P] (Guangxi Province)

[Allies] [P] (Honshu)

[TG] reputation

- top secred terrorists organization manager by server ADMINs

All players (whole Sirius)
-> Installator of the Evolutions 1.40: The Mechanoids <-

Please reinstall whole Freelancer game to avoid any problems.

Installlation Guide:
Try download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4
1. Download the installator of Evolutions 1.40: The Mechanoids (that big blue label on the top :-)
2. Run it and follow the installator instructions:
- check patch to your Freelancer folder
- deactivate all mods in the Freelancer Mod Manager if necessary and close the Mod manager
3. Choose Install and installator now copy your clear Freelancer instalation into the new "HAL folder"
4. After that boring copying just click on Done
5. Wait a minute (actual mod version is beeing downloaded and installed) and then choose Start game or Exit for finish with installation.

Our Evolutions mod 1.40 - The Mechanoids is based on the best summer and feature mode Evolutions 1.30 from Pathfinders studio.

Characteristic of the all Evolutions modes:

  • extension of the original game on new systems, bases, ships, weapons, but keep the look and atmosphere of the original game

  • new opportunities for energy and shield equipment (more HERE)

  • make the game interesting for experienced PvP pilots

  • main emphasis is on fighters PVP in all categories, all balance of weapons and ships

  • ships are faster -> faster combat, less time to focus opponent

Major changes in Evo 1.40

  • new dangerous alien race Mechanoids, which occupies the entire Frontier sector

  • around 20 new or completely revised system, in other systems the new stations, mists, etc.

  • all the special weapons and equipment can only be obtained from the best NPC

  • emphasis on the cooperation of players -> difficult for individuals

  • guns have increased efficiency, but also consume more energy -> the need to burn in due course

  • battle ship with no shield, but have a huge hull (over 10 000 000), have a great fire power, but it is also the price

  • All-in mode is more expensive -> from the beginning the player has to think, to invest and the best things you can only buy from other players

  • number of new anti-shield weapons (gunS, torpedoes, mines)

  • increased speed in the Trade Line and you can have up to almost 2 billion of credits to 1 character
Install Freelancer game.

Try download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4
1. Download the installator of Evolutions 1.40: The Mechanoids (that big blue label on the top :-)
2. Run it and follow the installator instructions:
- check patch to your Freelancer folder
- deactivate all mods in the Freelancer Mod Manager if necessary and close the Mod manager
3. Choose Install and installator now copy your clear Freelancer instalation into the new "HAL folder"
4. After that boring copying just click on Done
5. Wait a minute (actual mod version is beeing downloaded and installed) and then choose Start game or Exit for finish with installation.

OLD ONE, but can help...
Credit to DBoy for these tutorials (http://www.voidserver.com)

Step By Step

1. Do a clean install of Freelancer
2. After installing, keep your FL Disc in your drive, open My Computer, right click on the Freelancer icon and hit open. Look for the folder called REDIST, open it, and run/install file MSXML3.MSI
Done, Freelancer is installed and should run perfectly. Next step!



1. Download the Mod.
2. Right click on the FLMM Launch Shortcut and hit "Run as Admin"
3. Double click the downloaded Evolutions mod v.4 (02/2010) mod (Keep FLMM Running).
4. Wait for the files to extract, and then activate the Evolutions 1.40: The Mechanoids v.4 (02/2010) mod. Done! Your mod is fully activated, next step.



Now, this is the hardest part on getting Freelancer to work on Vista... Because there are so many tiny little things that get in the way. So first things first.

1. If you have any of the Antivirus programs on the "Black List" written in the second post of this tutorial, get rid of them! Freelancer will not run with any of those applications installed even if you turn them turned off. ***
2. Disable Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, and your Antivirus shield (like you would to play any online game.)
3. Run Freelancer "As an Admin", Connect, and play

Yay! That's it, you're done! Freelancer should work online just fine after that!

*** There are many Antivirus programs out there, look on the White list of the second post to see the ones I know of that work with Vista and Freelancer. There is no way I've discovered to allow Freelancer to play with any of the black listed antivirus' running, even when they're offline.



IPv6 is the new IP standard protocol that's set to default in Windows Vista, when Freelancer uses IPv4. Please note only follow the following tutorial if you're having problems connecting to the server.

1. Open Control Panels, Network and Internet, Network Connections.
2. Right click on your default connection, and click properties. (Example: Local Area Connection)
3. Scroll down the list that comes up and look for "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)", untick the box and click ok.


Well, like all Windows products. Even though the options window says Windows Firewall is off, it's really not. You have to disable the windows service that runs along with it, here's how.
1. Start Menu, Run. Type in services.msc.
2. Look for Windows Firewall, right click, and hit disable.
Done, Windows Firewall is fully disabled for that boot session.



The antivirus black and white list is where you can check if your current virus shield is causing problems with Freelancer and Windows Vista. If it's on the black list, look at the white list for known Antivirus' that work with Vista and Freelancer. To learn how to uninstall Black Listed antivirus', read further down the post.

Black List:

Trend Micro

White List:

Windows Live One Care



ftp://ftp.symantec.com/public/english_u ... l_Tool.exe
1. Download the Norton Security Removal Tool from the Symantec website and save it to your desktop. (Link above)
2. On your desktop, right click on the Removal Tool and hit "Run as Admin".
3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Your computer may be restarted more than once, and you may be asked to repeat some steps after the computer restarts.
Done, these steps will remove Norton 2008/2007/2006/2005/2004/2003 and/or Norton 360 from your computer.



1. Download the McAfee Removal Tool to your desktop. (Link above)
2. Shut down all McAfee product windows.
3. Right click on the removal tool and hit "Run as Admin".
4. Follow the steps on the installer and reboot when prompted.
Done, these steps will remove all tracts of McAfee products from your computer.



1. Download the Avast! Removal Tool to your desktop, and open (execute) it (Link above)
2. If you installed avast! in a different folder than the default, browse for it. (Note: Be careful! The content of any folder you choose will be deleted!)
3. Click REMOVE and reboot your computer.
Done, Avast! has been removed from your system.


1. Right click on your Kaspersky antivirus icon in the system tray and click exit. (Note: If a message comes up saying your connection to a program will be broken, just click ok.)
2. Go to Add/Remove programs and remove Kaspersky. Follow the installers instructions and reboot your computer when the process is over.


Once you have installed and activated the Evo mod and repair patch in Freelancer Mod Manager, you can connect to the HAL server and play.

There are several ways to connect to the server:
1) Using Global server mod
Global server mod is inclzded in the repair patch v. 2.1
With this mod you are in the game displays an overview of all servers. You need to find our version 1.40.

2) Direct connection
It is the fastest way, which will be established by adjusting the desktop shortcut Freelancer.exe.
Right-click on the Freelancer shortcut on the desktop and choose Properties.
Click in the Target line: and press End to get the cursor to the end of the line.
The last feature of the quotes. For them, copy the following:-s89.185.242.55:2302
Among those quotation marks and the hyphen must be space!
The whole thing looks to be as follows:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE\Freelancer.exe" -s89.185.242.55:2302
Now click OK and launch the game by the modified shortcut.
At the beginning you have 100k. Don't buy better weapons or equipment, but save your credits.
Sell shield batteries and nanobots, each is 1,000 credits!

    How to start making money in the safe of the Liberty space:

  • For the trade you can fly to California system - planet Los Angeles. Buy Optical chips and sell on the Mojave (planet towards New York). Fly back empty. In one way you can earn around 15k. Earr enough money to get a better ship, or to the merchant ship Rhino, which can be purchased in New York on the planet Pitthsburgh for 500k.

  • Credits can be obtained from mining in Colorado. Near Pueblo Station is a field of asteroids. There are small flying stones, which you can hit. Get the raw materials for sell.
    Benefit can be even better in other places, but they are already out of Liberty, so you are not protected by rule of rank under 30 in Liberty space.

  • If you are a damn good pilot and are not afraid sometimes die, do battle mission! From the beginning take the low rank and financially evaluated mission, and do it with friends. Save and then sell nanobots and shield batteries.

  • Also we strongly recommended this awesome tables based program. It show you everythink about the mod like ships, guns, bases etc. FLStat 1.0.6

How and why the server and the mod originated:

Since the Evolutions mod, created by Pathfinder Studios, was released many pilots have come and gone. Witnesses may still remember the 1.28 and 1.29 versions. I remember up to version 1.30, which ran on the now nonexistent Cz / Sk server Dark Sunrise (admins: Foster, theoderick). The server has thus since ceased to exist ever since the creation of the new Evo mod, which is trying to do modder Balosh, was announced. People then began to stop playing as they chose to wait for the release of the next version which, unfortunately, was not produced as a result of lack of time.

Another evolutions server, on which many Czech players played, was the U.S.-based HAL 2003 Evo Server (admins: Thumper, Grenade , Rick). The server was shut down in early 2007 by the server owner, Thumper. Nevertheless there remained a large community of players who wanted an evolutions server; for this reason Rick decided to buy a computer and put it in Prague on a high-speed, internet network located there. This was in April of 2007. Thus the Hal 2007 server was born.
From the beginning we used the same mod as its predecessors, HAL 2003: Evolutions 129.beta17. This mod had been quite successful, but work ceased on the completion of the Beta 17. The mod then quickly lost popularity, so we decided to create a new Evolutions mod. The default mod, which was selected, was the old and very popular Evolutions 1.30 mod. The main modders were as follows: Rick, Majdy, Lord of the Hell and AkaKchan. Though AkaKchan left the team shortly after due to a disagreement. The approximate date of the new mod release was set at the end of 2007. A snag in development came with some of the new things Lord of Hell sought to try. Not wanting to confide in a specific plan he sought to make many unique improvements, none of which were entirely feasible. Finally, the mod released in January 2008 , but after a few days it had to be canceled. The mod contained a lot of bugs, which could not be fixed. Lord has not accepted his mistakes nor discomfort with the server owner Rick. Lord was expelled from the server. Now, Lord argues its quality on another server and is working on another mod. After the fiasco with the new version of the mod, the Discovery 4.84 mod was temporary installed to the server.

In February 2008 we began working on a new Evolutions mod from scratch. The main working modders were Rick, WOLFik, and Korki. With patient and bitter work Evolutions mod 1.40 come up on January 1, 2009. Although initially containing a few bugs, these were rectified shortly after with the release of the repair patch.

A special thank you to all who participated in the creation of all evolutions mods, all who contributed to the operation of this site and especially the principal modder Korki. Without these people this mod would not have happened. Thank you!

Owner / main ADMIN: Rick


Quests organizer: Geni

Main sponsor: Lord Blade
Evolutions 1.40 Game Rules!

General Rules:
Server automatically deletes every new character that has under 10 minutes of playing time. I.E. Do not log out a new character until they have been on the server for over 10 minutes.
You can not have more than 3 characters on one user account (ID)!

Transferring power plants from transport and capital ships to fighters is considered a violation of the rules.

You can not attack newbies under rank 30 in Liberty space (New York, Texas, California and Colorado) and they can not attack stronger player over rank 29.

Everyone caught in acts of pathetic "cowardliness" will be punished.

Some of many examples:
Using of F1 or jumps between systems to recharge shield.

Hiding in stations/planets on purpose to avoid being damaged.

Such cowardly tactics are for cowards and they make the game less entertaining for everyone.


Use of another mod, other than Evo 1.40, is strictly forbidden, as well as modifying of game files, cheating and attempts to damage server, other players or admins.

RP Rules

[T] Trader
Trader chars must have [T] included in their name.
Trader can be a member of trading clan.

[X] Pirate
All pirates must have [X] included in their name.
Any player untagged with [X], using pirate tactics against other players will be banned.
No tax can be higher then 5M credits.
Pirates can NOT start firing on traders without previous asking for tax and receiving an answer (text or action).
Pirates can NOT repeatedly tax the same [T]trader, if he carries the same cargo as he had when first taxed.

Example: Pirate[X] stops trader[T] and demands a tax of 5m(or 1m, depens on agreement) credits.
trader[T] responds with open fire on pirate[X].
Pirate[X] kills trader[T]. Trader[T] then can buy the same commodities and fly in the very same trade route, because pirate[X] can't tax him again.
However if pirate[X] meets the trader[T] with other commodities in cargo, he can tax him again.

[R] Rogue

All rogues must have [R] included in their name.
Rogues can NOT be members of any clans and they can't tax other players.
Rogues can attack anyone, anywhere, anytime without warning.

[P] Police (NAVY)
All police/navy players must have [P] included in their name.
They can tax other players if they have contraband in their cargo.
Police can offer bounty on another players head ( [T]; [X]; [R] ) - details about bounty on forum in !!!WANTED!!! board.
If a police/navy member sees a pirate, they should respond immediately with force.

The Order [O]

Every The Order player must have the The Order [O] RP scanner mounted and could have [O] tag in his name.
The Orders hunts Pirates[X] and Rogues[R] and fight against Nomads and Mechanoids.
They have got no rights to demand the taxes or put somebody on the WANTED board.
The Order player can be a member of any clan (for example [n*o]).

[M] Mercenary
All mercenaries must have [M] included in their name.
Mercenary can be a member only of mercenary clans (Blade's men for example, everyone is mercenary in [BLM])
Mercenary can be hired by any player for beforehand settled amount of credits or equipment.
Mercenary can NOT be hired by 2 players or clans at the same moment.
Only mecenaries can withdraw the bounty on !!!WANTED!!! board, (they have to post screenshot there, more info in !!!WANTED!!! board).

Every member of a clan must have the clan tag included in his name, as well as their RP tag (example: [SNF]foton[P]).

Every clan can tax other players in his home system, but not for more then 500k credits for every entry into the system
Taxs are cumulative so if a pirate[X] taxes a trader in his home system, then he can tax him for 5 500 000 credits, instead of just 5m (same for police, if they tax someone for contraband in their home system).

Entry fees to clan controlled system:
Friendly - free
Neutral - tax for entry, if they refuse to pay, it will have sequels in leaderships of both clans.
Enemy - tax for entry and exit a.s.a.p. if not then the intruder is open to attack (he has to leave after third death)

If someone doesn't have tag in his name, then he is considered as a freelancer (non-RP character).

Team Speak


Port: 9987

Server Password: hal

How to connect with TeamSpeak 3

First download and install the Team Speak 3 client from official website (32 or 64 bit).

After installation run the program and enable it in your firewall.

Setup your microphone first.

After that you can finally connect.

Click on Connetion -> Connect

Type any server label, for example: HAL 2007 Evo

Fill in the table correctly!
Port: 9987
Nickname: "your nickname"
Server Password: hal

Click on Connect

You can save our server as a bookmar.

You can easily click on Bookmark and then on HAL 2007 Evo for connect next time.

In your sound card driver turn on the Reduction of acoustic echo.
If you have Realtek driver, turn off Stereo Mix!

Only if you transmit game noises!

Evolutions 1.40: The Mechanoids v.5 (01/2012) is released!

You can download it from HERE.

Main modder: Lord of The Hell
Main programator C++: Death Killer
Development leaders: Rick, WOLFik

HAL 2007 Evosponzor1
Created and designed by Scorpio
Copyright 2009 (c)